The Urban Playboys

Melbourne's Favourite Corporate and Private Event Party Band

Performing Live Disco and Dance Hits from the 70s, 80s & Beyond

Get Down Tonight. Disco & Dance Hits from the 70s and Beyond

The Urban Playboys is a group of real musicians who love playing together in this seasoned and professional live band. The band is high-energy (yet cool), understanding the importance of music and entertainment for any size of corporate event, wedding, or function. They have a gift, and an ability to turn any event into a fun and extremely enjoyable party.

Members in the band have played and recorded with bands including Savage Garden, Bachelor Girl, The Neville Brothers and Powderfinger, to name a few. The Urban Playboys perform at Australia's premier venues for the country's biggest corporate companies, elite athletes and celebrities. Any event, launch or party will benefit from the experience of The Urban Playboys.

Introducing… The Urban Playboys

The Urban Playboys' Frugal 'Papa' Love bone

'Papa' Lovebone


A consummate performer who instills a good time into any function. Experienced in live performance over many years, at the biggest and best venues across the country, Frugal gets an audience up and dancing from start to end. Wit, humour and class are his calling card, and with a front-man like Frugal, there is barely any need for an MC.

The Urban Playboys'  Mr. Norton

Mr. Norton


Stand back in disbelief when Mr Norton takes the stage. A seasoned professional with an extraordinary vocal range, sexy sax skills and groovin' percussion playing, Mr Norton will take you places that you should not go. Stand up and dance while he shakes his money maker with you all night long!

The Urban Playboys'  Ernie Devlin

Ernie Devlin


There is no holding back this dynamic guitarist. Hailing from a long line of motorcycle stunt riders, Ernie out-plays, out-sings and out-performs them all. When it comes to the finer things in life, only the best will do for The Stuntman.

The Urban Playboys'  Dirty Matty

Dirty Matty


Matty is perfect picture of a ladies man. Best described as an over-achieving, ultra successful entrepreneur. Everything comes easy for Dirty, with a smooth strut, cool manner and money to burn, this Playboy has a good time… all the time.

The Urban Playboys'  Oggi



Oggi is one of Australia's most highly respected session and live players. Having toured extensively abroad, and being the recipient of many prestigious international awards, Oggi brings the Playboys together funky grooves.

The Urban Playboys'  Krazy Karl

Krazy Karl


Karl adds the driving force to the band, both through his drumming and his Playboy demeanor. Having been a member of some of Australia's greatest export bands, Krazy Karl sits on the best groove ever with the Urban Playboys, because it suits him.